Wednesday, October 17, 2007

RECFM for Print files

FBA stands for Fixed Block Ansi. This means that the dataset is of Fixed block and contain ANSI printer carriage control character in the first position of the record. In MVS, we put the output-report to a file of format FBA and record length 133. Then, use the utility IEBGENER to print out the report.

Other record formats used for output-print datasets are FBM (Fixed block Machine: Has machine print-control codes), VBA(Variable block ANSI) and VBM (Variable block Machine).The one byte field in the first position of the dataset is used to tell the output device how to handle the output. The types of values it can contain are:
*Page feed / Form feed: Print after advancing to top-of-form
*Sigle space: Print after advancing one line
*Double space: Print after advancing 2 lines
*N spaces (N= 1 to 12): Print after advancing N lines
*Overstrike: Print after advancing no lines

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